Atlantae is an executive search boutique and talent management consultancy office providing senior-level executive search, search for top engineers, as well as leadership assessment and development to SME organizations.


    Our clients range from midsized to large emerging growth companies, family and private-equity controlled entities.


    Atlantae knows how to spot people with potential. In fact, everything we do is about empowering the success of individuals so that we can shape the success of the different places where they put their skills to work. And it all starts with our own people.


    Our professionals ensure organizations have the right talent with the right capabilities to ignite their business strategy. We help our clients succeed in everything from transformation to innovation to growth.


    For nearly 15 years, customers have trusted us to recruit true leaders and sing up with top engineers and managers.


    Today, we are their partner in applying proven talent strategies to accelerate and sustain organizational success via executive search, strategic consultancy, and high level coaching.

  • Atlantae's mission statement

    Do you have the right leaders to transform your business?


    Can you identify which high-potential leaders to invest in?


    How will your most accomplished executives perform when elevated to the Managerial or C-suite level?


    We help you answer these questions with certainty so you have the insight and understanding to make important leadership decisions when they matter most.


    Our Executive Assessment and Development specialists create a comprehensive understanding of each individual’s potential for future success.


    Everything we do is designed to ensure you have the right leaders in place to drive the greatest business impact.


    • Operational excellence
    • Organisational excellence
    • Strategic excellence
    • Organisational support
    • HR support
    • Executive coaching
    • Business coaching
    • Personal coaching
  • our services offered


    Our Executive Search practice is different in ways that will make a big difference to you.


    We welcome you to take a tour!

    Search as a TEAM

    Our consultant you engage works with in managing every aspect of your executive search, providing you with distinctly personal service and direct accountability. The people you see are the people you get. 


    Each time you engage us in an Executive Search, you gain access to the expertise and market reach of all our consultants. 

    The power of this trusted network places the insight and resources of our entire company at each consultant’s fingertips, making our solutions richer and more responsive, and creating tangible and enduring business impact for our customers.

    The Ideal candidate

    Through extensive intakes, we strive to know all we can about your organization to gain deep insight into what kind of leader will be most effective for you. 


    We pinpoint the ideal candidate’s competencies, personality traits, and behavioral characteristics. 


    As we work with you to develop candidate profiles, we help you weigh not only the immediate challenges of the role, but also your overall strategic objectives and the corresponding opportunities to enhance diversity and inclusion.

    Your Power through our Knowledge

    In a competitive world for the best executive (war for) talent, you don’t want to waste time educating your search consultant on the realities of your business. 


    All of our consultants have many years of expertise who understand how things work in your world. 


    We maintain and constantly refresh strong personal connections to the best current and future executive talent.

    In depth Search

    With the objective well defined, our consultants personally and confidentially engage their relationships to identify candidates prepared to meet your needs and connect you to highly diverse talent pools. 


    A team of researchers run simultaneously your requirements through relevant segments of our database, which is continually refreshed to track top talent. 


    Through this rigorous process, we closely examine candidates who appear to be a potential match, analyzing critical incidents in their careers for insights into how they might navigate the challenges they would face in your targeted role.

    Top notch Connections

    Our consultant approaches the best qualified candidates personally, with great discretion. Our experience, and the care we show when contacting candidates conveys that we are peers, prepared to offer them valuable insights and honest advice. 


    As we move deeper into conversation with interested, well-qualified candidates, we conduct interviews and evaluate beyond the customary professional track record check and referencing. 


    We methodically surface the candidate’s full range of capabilities, personal tendencies, and behavioral characteristics, to discover their readiness to perform in the targeted role, and assess how smoothly they would integrate into your organization and culture.

    Trust-Based Negotiation

    Our consultants take time to gain intimate understanding of each candidate’s requirements and concerns. So as the search progresses into the hiring phase, we are thoroughly prepared to serve as facilitator. 


    We work as trusted advisors to both client and candidate, expertly facilitating a successful hiring negotiation. 


    Our fixed fee policy assures that we can play this vital yet sensitive role with no conflict of interest.

    Integration through follow-up

    Our services do not end with a successful hire. For newly appointed candidates, after the first 3 months, and again after 6 months, a talent coach contacts both the customer and the candidate to reflect on the past months. 


    Working in collaboration with the hiring manager and the HR manager, we help you build an accurate and insightful picture of the integration challenge. We carefully advise where things might go wrong in an open dialogue. 


    Through the first 3 months, our consultant and talent coach gather and distill candid feedback on the first impressions the executive is creating during the initial integration. 


    We meet one-on-one with the executive at regular intervals – creating “islands of time” to allow them briefly to set aside all-consuming operational priorities, reflect on progress, identify and prioritize early wins, and calibrate their approach as needed.

  • Our domains of Expertise

    Corporate Management

    General Management, CxO, Board

    If your qualifications and track record are relevant to our client, we try to look beyond your CV. We are interested in your personality, motivation, values and ambitions.

    We want to engage with you in an open discussion within the context of the specific role you’ve applied for or the role we see to help our client.


    Electronics, Mechanical & Robotics

    There is possibly no sector that drives, impacts and reflects the globalization of business more than the engineering industries.


    Our sector-specific consultants are reputed for and well versed in cross-border, multi-regional and complex talent acquisition projects at all levels of these vital and dynamic markets.

    Life Sciences 

    From Lab to pharmaceutical plant

    We have over 10 years of experience placing all types of professionals
    in all kinds of laboratories and pharmaceutical industries: from entry level lab technicians
    for hospitals to executive profiles that are capable of running complex
    laboratories for pharmaceutical research and development.


    Chemical, Food, OEM, Energy, ...

    Atlantae's Industrial market focuses on attracting, and retaining best-in-class talent.

    We understand the changing demands in technology, and innovation, and the struggle for growth and relevance.


    In the face of these changes, it’s essential to have the right executives to lead your company.


    For improved Productivity

    Our technology Executive Search Practice solves senior executive leadership issues that will not only grow and evolve an organization, but also enable business transformation over a longer period of time. 


    Our technology executive recruiters have placed some of the most recognizable executives to lead powerful technology organizations touching millions of people every day.

    Sales Performance

    Top Talent thinking Customer Centric

    Atlantae specializes in the executive search recruitment of sales, sales management, sales support and technical sales professionals.


    Working in Benelux, dedicated to identifying, evaluating, recruiting and delivering the highest-caliber sales executive professionals—sales executives who can step into a position and begin contributing to your company immediately.



    Supply chain in a competitive world

    Together, we find value across boundaries, develop insights to act on, and energise teams to sustain success. 


    Our ability to leverage our rich knowledge of business dynamics across international markets ensures we have a strong reputation as a trusted partner, providing strategic and operationally advice across all logistics sectors.

    Human Resources

    From Human Capital to Boardroom

    Talent acquisition, talent management, compensation and benefits, leadership development, succession planning, organizational development, diversity and inclusion, and innovation all make the HR function critical to organizational success.


    We find your proactive HR strategists to translate corporate goals into effective human resource programs


    No matter what the assignment, we mindfully interact with candidates in peer-to-peer relationships that foster respect, transparency, and trust. Creativity; Collaboration; Performance; Inclusivity; Integrity; and Agility are a few of the things that make our culture so special.

    Everything we do is also underpinned by our core values.


    All of our consultants have many years of expertise. Being multi-lingual, and backed by outstanding research professionals.


    We are passionate, combining cutting-edge, world-class research capability with the rich insights of our network to provide quality of information and superior value.


    Our consultants generally stay with the firm for many years.


    We operate as one company sharing compensation to build authentic long-term personal relationships with clients, candidates and each other, beyond the incentive of personal gain.

    Therefor we bring more value than meets the eye.


    Developing meaningful knowledge of your challenges, offering honest guidance, and providing true support at affordable pricing.


    Nurturing long-term relationships with clients to better understand their needs, being proactive, and staying focused.

    We do what we say, at all times.


    Co-operation is key in our relationship with clients, listening to their needs, searching for the achievable, and right solutions.


    Co-operation for our candidates means candid and sincere advice, as well as responsiveness – mapping out the career development path for individual.


    Co-operation within our team means continuously striving to share knowledge.

    Integrity & Diversity

    We believe in equal partnership comprising individuals from both genders at all levels and including many cultures, languages, and beliefs.


    We have a deeply personal appreciation for the value of diversity.


    We are trustworthy, honest, and fair, putting client interests at the heart of our work.


    Unlike the traditional 3 retainer pricing model, we charge a fixed fee for our assignments, meaning our only incentive is to deliver what’s best for you.


    Our fixed-fee policy enables us to be diligent, thorough, and completely unbiased, to assess candidates on an equal basis and facilitate hiring negotiations without conflict of interest.

  • SPecial thanks to our clients

    We welcome you to take a tour amongst our loyal clients - feel free to ask for references!

  • A travel amongst our great customers

    Over the years, we had the pleasure being able to service our great customers. We were proud to have offered our expertise in theur path to innovation, growth and success.


    We wish to thank them ALL!

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    agidens international group

    telerex benelux (member of 8 lakes group)

    wonderware benelux

    dhl international

    gosselin worldwide movers


    Delta engineering

    DEME group

    antwerpse bouwwerken

    DE MEYER COnstructie

    de jond

    albe de coker

    ecom services

    emo trans NV



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    national instruments

    tyco valves (pentair)

    picanol group

    raster automation

    reynaers aluminium

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    wenglor sensors

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    magnetrol international

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    we welcome your resumee and motivational letter to be sent to patrick.van.lijsebetten[AT]atlantae.eu

    your CV will be handled with the utmost discretion


    Executive Search depends on the confidentiality of all parties involved.

    Call us directly +32 475 42 13 27 to discuss your needs.

    Patrick Van Lijsebetten, CEO

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  • Atlantae Executive Search is part of IMSA's international EXECUTIVE SEARCH NETWORK

    IMSA International Executive Search network, founded in 1991 in Zürich, undertakes recruitment through retained executive search assignments to identify the best professional executives in 25 countries world widely: Europe, North & South America, Africa and Asia/Pacific.

    IMSA International Executive Search is an international association of established, owner managed, executive search firms registered in Zurich, Switzerland.


    Through a global network of 25+ offices across the globe, all meeting together at a bi-annual conference to discuss international recruiting projects, , we provide our clients globality with the ability to customize search projects according to their local needs. As a closely-knit, cooperative network of leading executive search firms, IMSA offers clients worldwide resources for identifying and recruiting premier, senior-level executives.


    A key feature of all IMSA Offices worldwide is the professionalism and trust between all partners working together to identify the best professional executives, nationally and internationally, to enable your business to reach its strategic and operational targets.


    Our membership enables us to provide support for our clients' international projects from the project planning phase through recommendation to a partner firm to coordination throughout the entire projectscope.


    Offices Worldwide:
    Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chili, China, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, South Korea, United Kingdom, Ukraine, United States

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